Ampirical Solutions, LLC was formed in 2006 by five former managers and employees of a large, multi-state utility's unregulated affiliate that provided engineering and construction services to the high-voltage electric power marketplace.

Following the effects of natural disasters, the utility decided to exit the industry, but several key managers and employees desired to continue in the marketplace, leading to the formation of Ampirical. These former employees held the necessary engineering and contractor licenses that, coupled with Ampiricalís purchase from its former employer of the software tools, libraries, and resources for efficient and highly reliable engineering designs, allowed the company to be profitable in its first year 

Ampirical at its formation was a team with the distinct experience of having worked together to execute its projects, along with engineers who understood specifications from across the country.

Just as importantly as employees, Ampirical still maintains excellent relationships with others in the electrical power industry that are critical to success. These include vendors and manufacturers or equipment, civil and electrical construction providers, maintenance providers, sales representatives, staffing and recruiting partners, and more. 



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