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Maximizing the Capabilities of PLS-CADD - Thursday, July 18, 2013

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Maximizing the Capabilities of PLS-CADD 

In addition to the commonly used Engineering Standards & Calculations, Sag-Tension, Terrain Model, Three Dimensional Engineering Model, Structure Modeling and Plan & Profile Drafting; PLS-CADD has other powerful tools available to the proficient user.

              Terrain Rendering Options Animation

Ampirical is a specialty transmission and distribution design and design/build (EPC) firm primarily specializing in high voltage electrical substations and transmission/distribution lines.  Ampirical is a very seasoned PLS-CADD user who has help clients automate and enhance design efficiencies in PLS-CADD for their transmission system as well as other T&D applications.


"Are you using PLS-Cadd to its fullest capacity?

Ampirical can help in your automate expedition of PLS-CADD!

Ampirical, a proven entity in helping clients automate their PLS-CADD capabilities for enhanced efficiencies.

Here is what Ampirical can do for you:

     Ampirical has taken Clients standard framings drawings and built a library of PLS-POLE models for each of those standard framings.  This was performed for steel, concrete and Method 1 (stick figure) structures at voltages from 69kV - 500kV.  Ampirical can help create the same type of PLS-POLE framing library for YOU.

  Each .pol framing model includes a complete Bill of Materials for that standard framing, including but not limited to (OHGW connection, insulators, attachment hardware, hardware for pole numbering, grounding, guys, anchors, nuts, bolts, washers, etc.)

  The framings are also set up strategically in a way that PLS-POLE acknowledges which conductor size is being used in PLS-CADD.  It will then automatically select the appropriate suspension clamp, DE clamp, armor rod and jumper terminal for the correct size conductor (ASCR, ACSS, ACCC, etc.), the correct size OHGW or the correct size OPGW. If you change the conductor size in PLS-CADD the BOM automatically changes all the variable conductor parts to that new conductor size.

  This results into being able to create a BOM on a structure-by-structure basis, as well as generate a complete BOM for the entire job.

  Costs can also be added to give quick estimates for both material and labor.

     With the framings already built and the BOM being linked to the .pol files the design time is dramatically decreased and the accuracy is increased.


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