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Whether your project is a greenfield project or a modification to an existing facility, look to Ampirical for a faster schedule, a cost-controlled project, and mitigation of the difficulties that come from a traditional approach through a sound project execution plan and practiced functional excellence.

Ampirical has worked with a lot of utilities, general design/build firms and electrical equipment manufacturers in the U.S. and are accustomed to working within individual specifications, standards and practices. Ampirical believes the benefits of providing an EPC/Design-Build/Turnkey solution are:

One Company Point of Contact
  • Provides better coordination, communication and an overall smoother process
  • Saves time – not as many layers of approval
  • Promotes familiarity among project team; team members are not changing from job to job


Management of Project

  • Reduces the number of management personnel at the various subcontractors
  • Reduces owner staffing


Risk Management
  • Eliminates finger pointing and delay when issues arise, especially when they require quick resolution
  • Minimizes problems between design and procurement related to schedules, since both parties are on board from the earliest stages
  • Mitigates "blame game” and attempts at risk shifting


Financial Benefits
  • Reduces cost by eliminating double markup, first for construction subcontractor, and then for general contractor
  • Capitalizes on structure of joint venture because both engineering and construction are incentivized via their ownership stakes to perform on the project
  • Project owner's costs are minimized because they are not required to serve as intermediary between the engineer and the contractor

Product Quality
  • Maximizes consistency and quality throughout, since one company oversees QA/QC


Project Timing
  • Improves schedule and costs by eliminating construction bid/review/award phase of job
  • Lessens changes in scope, both major and minor, by reducing the burden on the project owner because there is a single point of contact 


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