Strategic planning is a phase that often does not get the attention it deserves when it comes to building and standardizing new design tools for the utility industry.  In this episode, we discuss how important the planning phase is for this transition, the conversations that should be had, and the considerations that should be made before any real work begins.


Tim Timler was hired by Ampirical in 2015 as a Protection and Control Systems Designer.  For the past 4 years, his work has focused on the technical development of the AutoCAD Electrical toolset for application in P&C design.  With over 11 years of experience using AutoCAD Electrical and 4 years of experience working with the Substation Design Suite of tools, Tim has developed and produced symbol libraries and standards internally for Ampirical’s relay department as well as externally for a large utility.

With multiple best practice documents and multiple presentations delivered, Tim strives to educate designers and engineers from across the country on topics ranging from project organization workflows and panel interconnection to dynamic symbol creation and smart circuit applications within AutoCAD Electrical.


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