Ampirical has found a new way to give back to the community by becoming a sponsor in the California Adopt A Highway® Program.

As a company that values the respect and safety of their employees, Ampirical has gone one step further by ensuring the safety of the community at large. By becoming a sponsor in California Adopt A Highway® Program, Ampirical is keeping California’s highways safe, beautiful, and litter-free.

Being reliable and compassionate is something that sets Ampirical apart in the electrical industry, and for this reason, Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® could not be more ecstatic to join forces with Ampirical. With the help of sponsors such as Ampirical, the San Diego community will no longer have to worry about unsightly litter obstructing traffic.

Ryan Zellner, Marketing Coordinator at Ampirical stated, “Whether it’s the needs of the power industry or the needs of our community, Ampirical is dedicated and committed to making a difference. By joining the sponsorship program, we’re able to showcase that commitment in a unique way.” Finding a company that supports highway cleanup efforts is something that should be celebrated— after all, we all share the roads.

Ampirical was established in 2006 and is respected in their industry for bringing complex and diverse electrical transmission and distribution projects to completion. They have formed relationships with their customers by incorporating their client’s needs into each project while remaining within budgetary restrictions.

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