Ampirical announces the launch of its new sister company, GridIntel, to specialize in the distribution of intelligent software tools and solutions for the power industry.

Backed by the professional engineering firms Ampirical and Cybirical, GridIntel’s software solutions are supported and maintained by leading industry subject matter experts. From transmission and distribution line engineering, substation engineering, protection & controls to cybersecurity and compliance, each software solution is designed to solve multiple industry challenges while increasing overall situational awareness and visualization.

GridIntel offers the following software solutions:

  • Power-View: Combining the computing power of industry engineering software, with the intuitiveness of a 3-D geographical platform, Power-View is a customizable software solution that streamlines the entire process from planning to commissioning of power lines and structures. Accessible anytime/anywhere, Power-View centralizes all information into a cost-effective and user-friendly format.
  • T&D Toolbox: A web-based suite of tools to help automate the engineering design and verification process. As part of this effort, Cybirical has released the Pole Configuration Summary (PCS) module of the Toolbox, which generates PDF pole reports from PLS-CADD XML data. These reports can be stamped and submitted for compliance. Future widgets in the T&D Toolbox will be a cross arm loading calculator, a stringing chart summary generator, and more. These tools will allow us to become more efficient, work smarter, faster, and more accurately. There is also a possibility of licensing the programs to clients to generate additional revenue.
  • VigilantGrid: a software suite of security monitoring and engineering tools for monitoring both cyber and physical aspects of the grid in real-time. The result is a powerful solution providing enhanced Cybersecurity and increased Operational Reliability of PowerGrid Assets. Events are passively received from field devices, SCADA systems, and security concentrators and automatically sanitized, processed, and stored in a database for retrieval and analysis via a highly integrated and interactive web-based dashboard.
  • VulnTracker: The first mobile app (iOS devices only) with a focus on power system cybersecurity. Receive notifications whenever a new vulnerability is discovered or view the latest standards from NERC and IEEE.

For more information on how GridIntel can assist you with your needs, please visit