Today, Ampirical launched Power-Tech Podcast, a new podcast highlighting updates and changes to the power industry in an easily accessible and conversational format.  The podcast was created as a new method to educate utility personnel on the most popular trends, bring them actionable strategies from industry thought leaders, and to help them make sure their utility is prepared for the future.

“We recognized that no one in the power industry space was utilizing podcasts for this particular message, despite many listeners taking advantage of the medium to educate and inform themselves across a broad range of ideas.” Said President of Ampirical and Host of Power-Tech Podcast, Matthew Saacks.  “What better platform could there be to discuss new technologies?  The ability to learn these new concepts during a commute or a lunch break presents tremendous opportunity for our clients.”

Power-Tech Podcast’s inaugural episode features Kurt Traub, Ampirical’s VP of T&D Line Engineering, and focuses on a viable solution to document control and progress-tracking problems using PLS-CADD, Google Earth, and a cloud storage system. Following the launch, new episodes will be released on the last Wednesday of every month and will welcome a range of subject-matter experts such as Nathan Wallace, Director of Cyber Operations of Cybirical; Scott Sternfeld, Co-Founder and CFO of Agile Inclusion; Sean Griffin, Co-Founder and CEO of Agile Inclusion; Danny Zaragoza, Founder and President of Zaragoza Consulting, Inc; Jason Phillpott, Manager of Technical Development of Ampirical, among many others.

Power-Tech Podcast will be available across many popular streaming services, including TuneIn, Stitcher, iTunes, Google Play Music or Ampirical’s website.

Ideas for future podcasts can be submitted by contacting Ampirical’s Marketing Coordinator, Ryan Zellner, at