The job of an electric lineman, whether working on an energized power line or replacing a transformer or fuse, is inherently risky and dangerous. Because of the dangers inherent to the job, these brave men and women should take every precaution to complete their work safely and effectively. Traditionally, linemen have relied on personal protective equipment such as rubber gloves and sleeves, bucket liners and protective blankets to ensure his or her safety. These days, state-of-the-art technologies such as laptops and tablets are also helping to create not only a safe working environment, but also helping improve productivity and efficiency for linemen in the field.

About the Interviewee (Ray Beck)

Ray Beck has served his community both as a councilman, a mayor and a representative to certain boards and commissions within his community and outside the area. Prior to that, he spent over 37 years with Yampa Valley Electric Association in various roles such as a Meter Technician, Substation Technician and Lineman. Now, being one of three commissioners in his community, Ray continues his pursuit of making a difference in his community and beyond.

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