The power grid of today is experiencing uses and applications that were envisioned as the grid was originally designed and built over the course of the last century. Due to new technologies and the generation/use of electricity, we need new ideas on how to design/operate the grid to optimize its benefits to society. Some of these new ideas center around what might be the essence of grid infrastructure and maximizing the ability of the grid to transfer power.


Michael Longoria is currently the Senior Director of Customer Solutions with Smart Wires. In this role, he leads the Customer Solutions team for North and South America. Michael and his Solutioning team work with utilities to identify applications of Smart Wires solutions that solve key challenges and deliver compelling value. Michael has been with Smart Wires since early 2016 and in that time has seen Smart Wires grow and the SmartValve technology mature into a solution that is solving long-term and operational grid challenges throughout the world.

Prior to Smart Wires, Michael was with Oncor Electric Delivery in Texas starting his career as an engineer in Transmission Station Design, followed by various roles in Transmission Planning. Michael had responsibility for several major transmission planning areas, including the notorious west Texas region that was (and still is) experiencing rapid renewables and demand growth.

Michael is a registered professional engineer in Texas. He received his bachelor’s of science degree in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University and a Master’s in Business Administration from Texas Christian University.


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