The impact of distributed energy resources (DER), specifically for solar and wind power, continues to be challenging for many utilities with increased DER penetration. Problems associated with DER include: reverse power conditions, fast and unpredictable voltage fluctuations, excessive on-load tap changer transformer (OLTT) operations, and “hunting” conflicts between OLTTs, distribution capacitor banks, and active VAR DER. In this podcast, we discuss “smart control” methodologies that help mitigate these issues—without costly communication systems—while fostering volt/VAR optimization, minimizing voltage constrained hosting barriers, and as a signal for controlling VAR and watt output.


Wayne Hartmann is a Consultant to the Electric Power Industry on matters of system protection and control, VVO, FLISR, DER, and microgrids.  He enjoys delivering innovative technology messages to the Industry through technical forums and Industry Standards Development.

Before Consulting, he performed in Application, Sales and Marketing Management capacities at Beckwith Electric, PowerSecure, General Electric, Siemens Power T&D and Alstom T&D. During the course of Wayne’s 30 years of participation in the Industry, his focus has been on the application of protection and control systems for electrical generation, transmission, distribution, distributed energy resources, and power utilization.

As a Senior Member of IEEE, Wayne serves as a Main Committee Member of the Power System Relaying and Control Committee for over 25 years and is Chair Emeritus of the Rotating Machinery Subcommittee (’07-’10). He has contributed to numerous IEEE Standards, Guides, Reports, Tutorials, and Transactions. Wayne has authored/presented technical papers at numerous key industry conferences including DistribuTECH, IEEE T&D, IEEE PPIC, Demand Response, and Smart Grid Coalition, Georgia Tech Relay, Western Protective Relay, Texas A&M Relay, CEATI P&C, and CEATI Smart Grid. He also contributed to McGraw-Hill’s “Standard Handbook of Power Plant Engineering.”


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