Ampirical team members will be presenting and exhibiting at this year’s IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado from April 16-19.

With over 700+ companies and thousands of professionals from over 80 countries planning to attend, IEEE PES T&D is the biggest and most collaborative trade show in the power industry. This event offers a great opportunity to showcase the latest technologies, products and services that are leading the way and bringing us to the next generation of power systems.

“IEEE T&D is always a great event and this year’s event will be our busiest yet!” said Nathan Wallace, Ampirical’s Director of Cyber Operations. “IEEE T&D offers a great networking venue to catch up with friends, and it allows us to share our insights with the industry by contributing to an unmatched technical program found only at IEEE events.”

Along with our accepted paper sessions, visit us at booth #3725 for live demos and exclusive details on our viable service offerings. This involves the ability to demonstrate our instant power asset information and construction status tracking system as well as highlight our cybersecurity services from our subsidiary, Cybirical.

Those planning to attend the IEEE PES T&D Conference & Exposition may arrange meetings with Dave Mitchell, Ampirical’s National Sales Manager, via email at or by phone at (985) 809-5252.


Ampirical Employee Sessions:


Monday, April 16, 2018


Tutorial: Cybersecuirty of the Electric Power Transmission and Distribution System

8 AM – 5 PM | Room: 207 | Session Number: TUT-09
Presenters: J. Matt Cole (Sargent & Lundy LLC) | Steven Kunsman (ABB Inc.) | Murty Yalla (Beckwith Electric Co. Inc.) | Richard Corrigan (SDG&E) | Nathan Wallace (Ampirical/Cybirical)

Cyber-attack on an Electric Power T&D communications system can have a devastating impact and cause widespread power outages as evident from the December 2015 cyber-attack on a Ukrainian Electric Power Distribution System. Securing Electric Power Systems from cyber-attacks is of national importance and in North America NERC is spearheading the effort in developing and enforcing Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Standards for Bulk Electric System (BES).  Local and state regulating agencies are also looking at cybersecurity of the Electric Power Distribution Systems. Substation protection, automation and control systems along with distribution field devices have changed significantly in the past decade. These systems have become more interconnected and provide end users with much more information to allow for higher reliability and greater levels of control. Interoperability between different vendor products and systems has been achieved using open standards. This change in technology has not only brought huge benefits from an operational point of view, it also permits to address cyber security issues similar to other traditional enterprise systems which have been facing the same industry challenges for years. This tutorial will discuss cybersecurity basics including passwords and access management, authentication, encryption, network security monitoring, techniques in cyber alarming, logging and auditing. This tutorial will also cover NERC CIP requirements applicable to T&D systems along with brief overview of IEEE and IEC standards. Cybersecurity implementation examples of substation protection, automation and controls systems including devices inside, as well as outside the substations will also be discussed. Utility perspective on Cybersecurity and NERC CIP compliance will be included.


Wednesday, April 17, 2018


Poster Session and Reception: Passive Real-time Asset Inventory Tracking and Security Monitoring of Grid-edge Devices

5 PM – 7 PM | Room: Mile High Ballroom | Session Number: 18TD0389
PresentersNathan Wallace (Ampirical/Cybirical) | Brian Proctor (Security Matters)

Among the many cybersecurity challenges associated with protecting the critical infrastructure power grid, two of the most challenging are maintaining an accurate asset inventory list and performing security monitoring of devices at the grid’s edge. Not only are these capabilities fundamental to avoid regulatory fines upward of a million a day, they also help ensure the overall security, safety, and reliability of the grid. Often thought of as mutually exclusive, this paper shows that through advanced passive security monitoring, asset owners can maintain, in real-time, an accurate and up-to-date asset inventory list while also protecting the grid’s edge from cyber threats. By stepping through the different use-cases for passive network security monitoring, the paper  demonstrates how asset owners can reach a higher return on their investment in such a way that is technically, economically, and operationally feasible.


Forum: Instant Power Asset Information and Construction Status Tracking System using a Geographical Platform

 3:15 PM – 5:15 PM | Room: 505 | Session Number: 18TD0267
Presenters: Kurt Traub (Ampirical) | Jay Shah (Ampirical) | Liem Mai (Ampirical)

The traditional way of issuing a transmission and distribution construction package is multiple copies of bulky binders and large plan and profile drawings in fiberboard tubes.  Some of this information is also required to be transmitted to various agencies such as environmental, land acquisition and Construction personnel. Typical data include location identifier, pole height and class, foundation details, framing and wire stringing information.  Ampirical has upgraded the transmittal of this design data to a more accurate and more efficient interface which utilizes currently available technologies. All design location information can be visualized in a geographical computer software platform such as Google Earth. The most up to date construction statuses are represented with icons and colors. Construction issues can be promptly identified by reviewing the status map and site photos that are attached to each structure location. All critical information could be quickly retrieved with or without an internet connection on a tablet at the office, construction site, and maintenance and/or storm damage locations.




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Ampirical is a specialty transmission and distribution design engineering firm, and design build (EPC) firm with Professional Engineering Licensure in every US State primarily specializing in high voltage electrical substations/switchyards (AIS & GIS), and transmission/distribution lines providing – Electrical/civil/structural engineering, Procurement/logistics, Project/construction management, Construction, and Commissioning.

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Cybirical is a licensed engineering firm specializing in services and solutions for the design and maintenance of secure and cyber-aware power system environments.

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The IEEE PES T&D Conference and Exposition attracts leading companies and individuals from around the world as both exhibitors and attendees. A robust and immersive conference program provides attendees with the opportunity to network, hear engaging talks, browse new technologies and participate in hands-on demonstrations in the exhibition hall. With over 700 exhibiting companies and 12,000 industry professionals and decision-makers in attendance, the event is the largest and most collaborative trade show in the electric power industry.