Automating the Engineering Design, Verification, and Validation Process

In this episode of the Power-Tech Podcast, GridIntel and Cybirical Engineer, Jack Mertens, discusses the Transmission & Distribution Toolbox, a solution to automating the engineering design, verification, and validation process. One of the most popular widgets of this web-based suite of tools is the Pole Configuration Summary (PCS) module, which generates PDF formatted reports for all poles in a PLS-CADD model. These reports can then be stamped and submitted for compliance. Other widgets in the T&D Toolbox include cross-arm loading calculator, a stringing chart summary generator, and much more. These tools offer the opportunity to become more efficient and increase the quality of designs while also enabling compliance.

Jack further discusses the use case of the software, describes a few challenges to developing this automation tool, and provides some lessons learned during the development process.


Jack Mertens, GridIntel and Cybirical Engineer

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