Many components contribute to developing a safe work environment here at Ampirical. Preventing accidents and injuries is not only in the best interest of our employees and subcontractors, but also the company as a whole. Introducing Safety Value Moments, where each week we communicate safety topics, how to bring safety home to your family, and simple yet effective ways to stay committed to safety.

“The idea behind our weekly Safety Value Moments is to have everyone start their week thinking about safety,” said Rod Courtney, Health, Safety & Environmental Manager, Ampirical. “We believe the health and safety of all individuals is something that should be considered first and never change. Hence the name, Safety Value Moments.”

Every level of employee, from the most senior leader to recently hired team member, clearly understands what is expected of them when it comes to safety. Safety Value Moments will be a way to ensure these expectations, along with other measures we have put in place such as our HSE Strategic Plan & Policy Statement.

Employee health and safety has and always will be an essential part of Ampirical’s core values. It reflects our corporate culture, and we will always strive towards an incident and injury-free environment.

*All Safety Value Moments will be featured on our Safety webpage which can be found here.