Welcome to the Substation Design Automation (SDA) Learning Center.  Our mission is to educate and inform individuals on the application of new tools and concepts in utility design.  The content in the SDA Learning Center is designed to teach viewers how to solve application-specific problems and illustrate new concepts for designing in AutoCAD Electrical, Inventor and the Substation Design Suite tools.


Using Panel Lists to Insert Schematic Symbols
In traditional P&C design, sometimes we work with stand-alone wiring diagrams that lack corresponding schematic symbols. In AutoCAD Electrical, this means that elementary diagrams must be created, or new schematic material must be added to existing elementary diagrams, otherwise cabling and cross-referencing will not work correctly. This video will explain how to use wiring diagram panel lists to insert schematic symbols with predefined component data. If these wiring diagrams are standard panels within your company, standard panel lists can be exported to external .csv data files for use by your entire engineering department. This approach makes it easy to insert schematic data, track used and unused components, and minimizes the need for duplicate data entries, decreasing overall design time.