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Cloud Based Solutions & Security for Power Systems

Cloud computing or hosted solutions by a Cloud Services Provider or CSP are ever increasing across the utility industry landscape. Many utilities have been slow or reluctant to embrace these solutions due in part to the amount of unfounded FUD (Fear, Uncertainly, and Doubt) that has been surrounding software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.

In this episode, we will discuss cloud hosting, an overview of security and user access, and discuss some organizational considerations when implementing SaaS solutions.

Host: Dr. Nathan Wallace, Director & Co-Founder of GridIntel and Cybirical

Special Guest: Samara Moore, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Assurance Senior Manager and Global Energy Specialist

*This will be the first in a series focused on this topic with each subsequent podcast taking a deeper dive into a specific area including access control, cross-server data sharing, workload use cases, and CIP compliance to name a few.

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An Overview of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework

The AWS CAF helps organizations understand cloud adoption, and provides structure to identify and address gaps in skills and processes. Applying the AWS CAF in your organization results in an actionable plan with defined work streams that can guide your organization’s path to cloud adoption.

AWS Well-Architected Framework

The AWS Well-Architected Framework helps you understand the pros and cons of decisions you make while building systems on AWS. By using the Framework you will learn architectural best practices for designing and operating reliable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective systems in the cloud. It provides a way for you to consistently measure your architectures against best practices and identify areas for improvement. The process for reviewing an architecture is a constructive conversation about architectural decisions.

AWS Security Best Practices

This whitepaper provides security best practices that will help you define your Information Security Management System (ISMS) and build a set of security policies and processes for your organization so you can protect your data and assets in the AWS Cloud.

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