With the start of our 15th year in business, we will be commencing a year-long celebration that recognizes the past, present, and future of Ampirical and that of our sister companies.

Throughout the next twelve months, we invite you to join us as we highlight milestones, power-ful solutions, and memories created over the last 15 years, all contributing to the “Ampirical Difference.”

This is not just a celebration for Ampirical, but for the countless employees, family members, friends and clients who have contributed to our overall success. Our business may be power, but they are the source providing it.

To aid us in our journey, we will be using a series of icons as markers along the way as we build on our foundation toward an even brighter future.


On May 31, 2006, Ampirical Solutions, LLC officially registered with the state of Louisiana and opened for business.  Ampirical’s founding members and current owners have spent nearly their entire careers working in the electric utility industry, and their passion and dedication to this business enabled Ampirical to grow from its humble beginnings to a full-service professionally licensed engineering and construction firm.

The power utility industry is Ampirical’s singular focus since our founding. We engineered, managed, and supported more than 2,000 substation projects, over 1,000 transmission line projects, and more than 500 distribution line projects during this time.  Additionally, Ampirical completed numerous Engineering Procurement, and Construction (EPC) programs to increase the value and delivery of large, complex projects for our clients.

Comprised of highly experienced veterans from the utility industry, Ampirical and its sister companies support our clients with a wide range of professional engineering and design services.  Whether it is transmission and distribution line design, substation design, system protection and control design, 3D modeling and intelligent drawings, cybersecurity, project management or construction management, our team is committed to bringing technology to the power industry while understanding, respecting and improving the reliability of the electrical grid.


What’s in a name?  A name is a unique identity that defines the character and branding of an organization.  The name “Ampirical” was chosen to represent both the Power of the electrical power grid and Engineering as a professional service.

The first part of our name, Amp in Ampirical, is derived from the noun ampere, often shortened to amp or amps.  An amp is the base unit of electric current as defined by the International System of Units.  To us the word current takes on two distinct meanings: the most obvious is that of electrical current in the flow of electricity, but just as an ampere is a measurement of electrical current, we also consider the more conversational definition of current in being on the leading edge of innovation and technology and flowing forward with a positive direction.

It is also fitting that the term ampere is named after André-Marie Ampère, a French mathematician and physicist considered the father of electrodynamics, offering a nod to the French roots of Louisiana.

The second portion of our name comes from the adjective empirical, meaning knowledge based on verifiable observation and facts gained through experience.  Indeed, Ampère himself demonstrated the value of empirical findings during his work with electromagnetic phenomena, publishing his magnum opus with the title Memoir on the Mathematical Theory of Electrodynamic Phenomena, Uniquely Deduced from Experience. Engineering, when applied to helping our clients provide reliable electric energy that powers life, must be based on rigorous standards and proven outcomes that have been verified through years of empirical evidence.

Therefore, Ampirical is the combination of Ampere and Empirical.  Our name accurately defines our process of applying acquired knowledge and experience to Engineering Power-Ful Solutions for the electric power industry.


When asked by prospective clients and new employees alike, “Why Ampirical?” and “What makes us different?” — We consistently respond that it is OUR PEOPLE.

Since our inception, Ampirical has been singularly focused on the power utility industry. During our nearly fifteen (15) year history, Ampirical has engineered, managed, and supported in excess of 2,000, substation projects, 1,000 plus transmission line projects, and more than 500 distribution line projects.  In addition, Ampirical has completed many Engineering Procurement, and Construction (EPC) programs to increase the value and delivery of complex projects to our clients. However, none of this would have been possible without the commitment and dedication of an elite cadre of highly experienced individuals.

Our People are our most valuable asset, making up the three pillars of the “Ampirical Difference.” Each of these is described below.

Possibilities Imagined – From the onset, each project is approached as a unique opportunity recognizing that no two customers, projects, or circumstances are exactly alike. Our approach is to take the experience and lessons learned from the past and apply these and new innovative ideas to the project before us. By being responsive to our client’s needs, we seek to maximize value and find the best solution based on current needs, future growth, available technology, and a fiduciary responsibility to our clients.

Solutions Engineered – At Ampirical every project, without exception, begins with the end in mind. This has become a guiding light for all our project engineers and managers. As part of this approach, solutions are engineered to consider maintainability and serviceability, supply chain integrity, future expansion and growth, and life-cycle costs. Additionally, our project teams consider alternative methods of design, material procurement, and constructability to see if Value Engineering can achieve significant savings for the client.

Results Delivered – At Ampirical we believe in doing the project right the first time. We are continuously promoting a culture of safety and quality through education, training, monitoring, and solicited feedback. By being mindful of the little things, we strive to develop innate attitudes toward uncompromised safety and unparalleled quality.

To further illustrate these, we have created a Challenge Coin that imbues our beliefs. On the front of the coin you will notice the words “The Ampirical Difference” and right below the wording an icon representing Our People.

Inscribed on the Outer Ring are the three pillars of the “Ampirical Difference” – Possibilities Imagined, Solutions Engineered, Results Delivered.

Finally, on the back of the coin are the logos of our three Sister Companies – Ampirical, Cybirical, and GridIntel signifying our Depth in Capability and Strength in Diversity.

We welcome you to join us on our Journey to Fifteen and invite you to experience the “Ampirical Difference” firsthand.


It has been a busy time for Ampirical and our clients as we navigate the unique challenges facing our industry.  It is hard to believe that we are entering the fourth quarter of 2020 and a third of the way to May 2021.

To celebrate our journey and this historic event in our corporate life, we have designed the following insignia.

This insignia embodies our history, services, and enthusiasm for a bright future. The circular gold band signifies our commitment to our clients as they strive to provide a reliable flow of electrical energy that powers life. It also designates our unwavering commitment to deliver solutions that meet the highest standards of safety and quality. The transformer and transmission line icons represent the professional and innovative substation, protection & control, and T&D line engineering services that embody our core focus. The three conductors within the Ampirical logo signify the 3-phase power delivery method that is the backbone of our nation’s electrical grid and the T&D lines that bind it all together. The navy blue background, the second color in our corporate logo, represents the trust our clients have in our abilities and our core value of integrity and ethics above all. Finally, the roadway beneath the transmission structures signifies the foundation of our experience and the pathway to our future.

In addition to our 15-year insignia, we will also be commissioning a challenge coin to commemorate our 15-year anniversary. The front of the challenge coin will feature our 15-year emblem. The back of the coin will feature a representation of the fleur-de-lis signifying our Louisiana roots and the phrase “laissez les bon temps rouler” – Let the Good Times Roll! After all, our 15-year anniversary is something to celebrate.


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